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About Us

ENVIRO SCREENS AND SHUTTERS, INC., a premier "Green Conscious" company, previously a division of Electronic Business Systems, Inc., and Electronic Security Plus, Inc., Colorado family owned and operated group of businesses since 1974, providing to our Colorado and Nevada customers a variety of products ranging from window treatments, to business/restaurant electronic communication and ordering systems, and security and fire products.

ENVIRO SCREENS AND SHUTTERS, INC., provides to our residential and commercial customers Solar Screens, Rolling Shades, Retractable Screens, Rolling Shutters, and Awnings in Colorado and Nevada.  Our mission is to reduce energy consumption and rising energy costs for our customers, while providing a much more comfortable and secure environment to live and work  in.  

We are the "premier Green Conscious company", and our products are recognized by the United States Dept. of Energy as Exterior Energy Efficient Products.  No other company in this product line has made such a declaration, nor strives to provide such a goal.  Our goal ... "Reducing your energy bills, one window at a time"!  

Additionally, Enviro Rolling Shutters is a product line which enhances security systems, the first line of defense at the entrance level of every home and business.

Unparalled Service

We guarantee a successful experience

Design professionals and property owners call us each day to discuss their projects.

First, we like to listen and learn your objectives. Our experienced Product Specialist will ask you questions and will share product information to determine if our solutions and services are a good fit. We may ask you to share images of your “as-built” or proposed project area.

When you are ready, we will schedule a consultation at your home or office. If you are in one of our full service areas, there is no fee charged. Otherwise, we will assist you in product specification and installation design remotely.

We will produce a detailed proposal and review this with you so you know exactly the scope of the work proposed and the contract price.

We work as a team so our collective years of expertise can be put to work for you, every time you need us.

Our name is well know ... we are sought out by Architects, Designers, and Contractors
from all over to work on projects from houses, to commercial buildings, resorts (Wyndham
Resorts), and state and national parks (such as the Rocky Mountain National Park).


Meet Our Family

Rennie, Door Greeter and Director of Canine Relations

Rennie is a female Sheltie/Chihuahua puppy.  Rennie, originally named Candy, came to us from a shelter in Tucumcari, NM, at 12 weeks old.  Paul, CEO of Enviro Screens and Shutters and Enviro Shades Manufacturing, ran quickly to New Mexico to save this little cutie from a terrible fate.  Today, Rennie's days are filled with a lot of play and networking at the office. Her primary interests include playing with her toys which always results in taking long naps in the middle of the day. Rennie is sweet and friendly, but watch out she will lick your arm off!

Paul, President and CEO

Paul is President and CEO of Enviro Screens and Shutters and Enviro Shades Manufacturing.  Paul has been involved with his family's business since 1974, beginning as a 3M dealer for commercial background music and security products.  It was from the security division that various security products they manufactured evolved into exterior energy efficient products ... thus the environmental division was born and became known as Enviro Screens and Shutters.

During his spare time, Paul works with large animal rescue to help those animals in danger of wildfires.  For his involvement in this, Paul trains in wildfire rescue for which he is often called out for.
Ken, Sales

Ken is the man with a plan….sales plan that is.   He is the sales force manager for Enviro Screens and Shutters and Enviro Shades Manufacturing.   Ken comes to us with years of knowledge in windows and window treatments.   He is enthusiastic about the products offered by Enviro Screens and Shutters and wants to spread that passion to others.   If you see Ken in your neighborhood or at your door don’t feel shy to say hi…..or even invite him in for some cookies and milk.  

John, Manufacturing and Installation

John is part of our manufacturing and installation family and has been involved with Enviro Screens and Shutters and Enviro Shades Manufacturing for several years now.  Always on time and eager to work, John loves being part of our family and enjoys meeting new members of our family of customers every single day.

Bill, Manufacturing and Lead Technician

Bill is head of our manufacturing and installation family and has been involved with Enviro Screens and Shutters and Enviro Shades Manufacturing for several years now.  He comes to us from one of our older competitors and has been in the rolling shutter industry for over 15 years, with extensive knowledge in manufacturing, installing and repairing rolling shutters and shades.  Always ready for work and looking forward to our extensive growth, Bill loves being part of our family and enjoys meeting our extended family of customers.

Our Business Partners

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PLEASE NOTE:  We will not share or sell Address, Phone, or Email information.  This information remains private to Enviro Screens and Shutters so that we may contact you.     THIS CONTACT FORM IS FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY, BUSINESSES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SPAM USING THIS FORM IN VIOLATION OF THE CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. 
Enviro Screens and Shutters, Inc. and Enviro Shades Manufacturing, Inc., specialize in security shutters, rolling shutters, rolling shades, and solar screens for residential and commercial Colorado and Nevada customers. We are family owned and operated with over 36 years of Colorado and Nevada quality customer care. We can handle any size residential and commercial job.  For more information and a free estimate, call Enviro Screens and Shutters at 303-794-2072 or 800-221-4613.    
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