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Vacation in Your
Own Backyard
Retractable Awnings extend your outdoor living space, providing weather protection from light rain or glaring sun. Turn your deck or patio into a relaxing getaway at a much lower cost than a luxury resort!
Enhance Your
Home's Charm
Your custom-built awning will complement your home's color palette and reflect your unique style. Your investment in a quality, long-term shade system, installed by professionals will provide years of comfort and enjoyment.
Pergola Awning
Instant Shade with the Touch of a Button
Our motorized retractable awnings feature motors and controls made by Somfy, allowing you to retract and extend your awning using a wall switch, remote control, or an app on your smartphone or tablet.
Cover your Pergola for Additional Space
Our retractable pergola awnings can be used even when you don't have a patio space attached to your home.  However your pergola covered deck or patio is situated, we have it covered in Colorado!
Reduce Your Home's Energy Consumption

The U.S Dept. of Energy and studies conducted by the University of Minnesota and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) initiated by the Professional Awnings Manufacturers Association (PAMA), reports that awnings save energy.   
Standard Features

Custom Designed for Your Home

Every Retractable Awning is built to order and custom tailored to fit your unique needs. Select
from a wide variety of products and options to create your own unique design and shading system.

Maintenance Free and Self Storing

All of our awnings are easy to operate and maintenance free. Retract your awning into its housing
when not in use, where it will be protected from the elements.

Intelligent Motor and Control

All Rainier shade products feature time tested, dependable motors and controls manufactured by
Somfy - The world leader in tubular motor technology.

We’ve found that homeowners who purchase a motorized awning system are more satisfied with
their purchase than those who don’t. Remote control technology makes using your awning
convenient, and you will be less likely to experience damage (for example, being extended in bad
weather, or rolling up the  fabric the wrong direction.)

Heavy Gauge Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction

Crafted with stainless steel components and a double-galvanized roller tube, you won’t have to worry
about rusting or corrosion from the elements, ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Powder Coated Surfaces

Rainier retractable awnings are powder coated in-house. The result is a beautiful, appliance-like
finish that requires little maintenance. Choose from four standard colors, or we can do custom
color matching to any provided sample for an additional cost.

Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation

In addition to providing protection from fading, awnings provide UV protection to aid in the prevention of
skin damage from the sun. Sunbrella fabrics have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin
Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant.

Made in America

Rainier retractable awnings are engineered, designed, and assembled with pride in the
USA. We control the manufacturing process and are able to rapidly respond to your
sun protection needs.

Worry-Free Performance

The ideal awning is strong enough to function efficiently. Durable enough to provide a lifetime
of worry-free performance. Intelligent enough to know when to stay open and when to retract.
Graceful enough to smoothly open and close on command. Small enough to be inconspicuous
when retracted.

Our frame parts (the shoulders, arms, and bars) were designed and engineered to achieve this
delicate balance. Under the right conditions (high winds, with the awning extended), the
awning will fail -- you'll replace a few awning parts rather than structural damage to your home.

Available Features

LED Lighting

Motorized awnings and pergolas powered by Somfy instantly transform your deck into a cool, comfortable outdoor living space during the day, but your patio doesn’t have to be abandoned at night. Our Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit seamlessly and easily integrates into the awning arms and is controlled with the same device as the awning. Available in warm or cool white, can be easily added to an existing or new Somfy-powered featuring Radio Technology Somfy® awning installation, to create a desired ambiance.      

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Product Specifications

Product Options

Sun & Rain Sensor

The Rain Sensor is a solar-powered combined rain and sun sensor that measures rainfall
and senses brightness levels. The sensor operates even if the signal is lost, so your
awning will be protected even in a storm.

The wireless and compact design makes it an easy addition to any awning, and can create
a comfortable space for you to enjoy any time.

Drop Valance

A drop valance provides additional protection from the sun. Our drop valance rolls up into
the front bar of your awning and can be controlled manually with a hand-crank, or
automatically with motorized operation.

Protective Hood

A one-piece, powder-coated, aluminum hood provides added protection from the elements,
and a finished look when your awning is retracted. Available in a variety of colors.

Somfy MyLink
Never worry about losing the remote for your awning - use a convenient app on your
smartphone! The Somfy MyLink device allows you to operate your awning whether you're
at home or away, or you can schedule a program so your awning cools your deck every
afternoon just in time for you to arrive home from work enjoy some time outdoors.
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