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EnviroGate Rolling Security Grilles are the security systems that have gained the most popularity for retail and commercial protection.  By using the unobtrusive grille system, a property is able to become secured overnight and allow shoppers to view merchandise after hours.

Display windows and entryways remain inviting and enticing as compared to a storefront with solid shutters or bulky iron gates.  Equally important, our grilles feature safety and aesthetic advantages over other systems: 

  • End retention system: provides a higher level of security.
  • Grille can be mounted on the interior or exterior of the glass
  • Operation can be: manually or motorized allowing for easy use
  • Centrally located heavy duty mortise lock on the bottom bar that

                    locks into the side rails, our system allows you to keep your

                      entryway free from tripping hazards.

Common Applications include:

  • Store Fronts
  • Counter (Bars, Tiki Bars, Pharmacy)
  • Gun Stores, Gun Racks
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial Kitchens
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EnviroGate Rolling Security Grilles provide an array of attractive solutions for a spectrum of retail, commercial and industrial applications.  Our security grilles come in standard colors are white, cream, beige, gray, ivory,  bronze, silver and brown. Many non standard colors and custom color options are available upon request.   

Constructed of aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel -- with optional electric motor -- these grilles are designed for durability and easy operation. Our comprehensive line of security grilles affords both reliability and peace of mind.​​​​

In many applications, our Motorized shutters with a gear override option are recommended and required for any opening that may be used as an emergency exit.   If power is lost, a motorized shutter with gear override can be manually opened for exiting the building.  Some areas are also prone to frequent power outages.  If this is the case, we would recommend manual shutters when possible and motorized shutters with gear override. 

Enviro Screens and Shutters, Inc. and Enviro Shades Manufacturing, Inc., specialize in security shutters, rolling shutters, rolling shades, and solar screens for residential and commercial Colorado and Nevada customers. We are family owned and operated with over 36 years of Colorado and Nevada quality customer care. We can handle any size residential and commercial job.  For more information and a free estimate, call Enviro Screens and Shutters at 303-794-2072 or 800-221-4613.