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Rolling Shutter technology is a product of European design.  Originated by a glider manufacturer in 1967 located near Frankfurt, Germany, its owners and developers, Willi and Walter Schneider, using their knowledge of aerospace engineering principles, developed the Rolling Shutters.  Thereafter, this technology came to the United States and has since become one of the most widely recognized and used form of security against the criminal elements,  while adding a layer of window protection and insulation against the weather.

Enviro Rolling Shutters, today, have innovative solutions for window and door applications.  

Enviro Rolling Shutters offer:  Security, Insulation, Sun Control, Noise Reduction, Window Protection, and Storm Protection.

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Very simply ... 

Enviro Rolling Shutters are an attractive and unique solution to energy savings, security, noise reduction, and weather protection.

It allows you to control your
home or business environment.
Enviro Rolling Shutters are custom designed to the specific customer and his/heneeds.  Enviro Rolling Shutters can be designed to fit any application, and are operated , either manually or electronically, from the comfort of your home or business.

Enviro Rolling Shutters are made of lightweight and extremely strong

high grade 40mm. or 55mm aluminum, injected with polyurethane
(CVC-free) high density foam insulation or extruded aluminum.  The
slats interlock in a way that they close tightly for energy efficiency and
light control; or they can be opened slightly allowing the slots between
the slats to permit a certain amount of light to be filtered into the room.
The slats travel up and down in an aluminum channel that is mounted
to the building and around the window.

The United States Department of Energy reports that in COLD

CLIMATES it is a two-fold concern - to keep the warmth from exiting
the dwelling, while also preventing the window and window frame
from getting cold and allowing that cold to enter the dwelling.  While
in HOT CLIMATES the concern is to control heat gain by keeping solar
energy (the sun's ultraviolet and infrared transmission) from reaching
the window and window frame.   This is further supported by local State-level Energy Departments.
Additionally, in Colorado the importance of Rolling Shutters, and other energy efficient measures, such as Solar Screens, Rolling Shades, and Awnings, is repeated in the passing of House Bill 08-1270, passed into law by the Colorado Legislature in 2008. Authored and sponsored by Colorado House Representative Andy Kerr, and Senate sponsorship by State Senator Ron Tupa, the legislation breezed through both the House and Senate before it was signed into law by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.   The legislation bars homeowners’ associations from prohibiting residents from having rolling shutters that assist in reducing energy consumption and help reduce energy costs as stated in Section 2, Part 1 of article 33.3 of title 38 House Bill 08-1270 took effect August 6, 2008.
Exterior rolling shutters offer many benefits to your home and business.

These benefits include:
  • Preventing and deterring theft and vandalism, reducing insurance costs.
  • Energy savings due to reduced heating and air conditioning use.
  • Controls the interior brightness of a room. Decreased sun damage from UV rays.
  • Greatly reduced outside noise. Provides a daytime sleeping environment for those that desire it.
  • Greatly improved wildfire protection.
  • Improved appearance.
  • Eliminates the need for “prison style” security bars.
  • Protection of window glass from flying objects such as golf balls, hailstones and storm debris.
  • May eliminate the need for expensive drapery.
  • Great protection from Colorado's High Winds and Microbursts.

Our rolling shutters can be integrated into walls and soffits in new construction, or can be easily attached to existing structures. The shutters are easily controlled from the inside via electrical switches, automatic controls, timers or by hand if you desire. All of our installations are custom-tailored to your business or home to fit your needs and desires perfectly.

Strong, secure and durable, Enviro Rolling Shutters provide protection from
the threats and problems of our world. They glide easily into place when you need
them and retract into an overhead panel box when you don’t. Manual or motorized
controls ensure smooth, convenient operation and the shutters and frames can be
tailored to harmonize with any exterior.   EnviroSecure Rolling Shutters have many
important benefits for your home. Here are the most significant ones:

Enviro Rolling Shutters are an enhancement to your home security that
is an excellent crime deterrent! They protect your home and family against threats
such as burglary and vandalism by making it difficult for a thief to access your
windows and doors. Once in the down position, the shutters activate a system that
prevents them from being rolled up by force, so once down they remain down!
They provide an excellent physical barrier against entry that deters intruders and
protects your windows and doors against breakage. There are no outside locks that
can be picked or tampered with.

Customers also have the option of using automatic controls for protection when away
from home, such as remote controls, timers, and sensors. 

Enviro Rolling Shutters also offers a "End Retention"
system for security needs.  When the average Rolling
Shutter will not do, we break out the heavy guns.
This system cannot be beat! 
Your EnviroSecure
Rolling Shutters are always protecting you, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fire Protection
Enviro Rolling Shutters also provide significant protection from fires that may occur on your property, whether they be natural or man-made. The aluminum construction of the shutters makes them almost completely fireproof. The shutters prevent a hot fire's heat radiation from igniting objects (such as curtains, etc.) inside the home. They also prevent burning objects (such as embers or branches) from breaking a window and entering the home.

If your home or business is in an area that is at high risk of fire, Enviro
Rolling Shutters are a must-have to help give you the maximum protection possible
to increase the chance of your structure surviving a fire event.

The United States Dept. of Energy supports Rolling Shutters as a fire prevention
key benefit in wildfire-prone areas.

Our Rolling Shutters have been fire tested and are rated as NON-COMBUSTABLE

under the guidelines set by the Colorado Forestry Service with a flame spread index
between 50 and 25.

Enviro Rolling Shutters provide significant protection from fires that may occur on your property, whether they be natural or man-made. The aluminum construction of the shutters makes them almost completely fireproof. The shutters prevent a hot fire's
heat radiation from igniting objects (such as curtains, etc.) inside the home. They also prevent burning objects (such as embers or branches) from breaking a window and
entering the home.

Enviro Screens and Shutters has teamed up with other

companies, such as Colorado FireBreak
(ColoradoFireBreak.com), who are dedicated to home
protection against wildfires, who have developed a
revolutionary high-tech wildfire mitigation system to
guard homes from the destruction of wildfire, that
include Enviro Rolling Shutters .

These customized wildland fire defense solutions include

sophisticated systems that will protect both your home
and the trees and vegetation that surround it. Colorado
FireBreak also provides simple do-it-yourself options
that offer effective, but more limited defense.

More than 1,100 Colorado homes were destroyed by

wildfire in the last two years.  These homeowners lost valuable assets and irreplaceable mementos. Colorado
FireBreak has the wildfire protection systems you need in a wildfire disaster.   If your home or business is in an area that is at high risk of fire, Enviro Screens and Shutters rolling shutters are a must-have to help give you the maximum protection possible to increase the chance of your structure surviving a fire event.  Also, ask your insurance agent about qualifying for special homeowner’s insurance discounts.

We work with fire mitigation companies to provide
our customers with other products that when joined
with our Rolling Shutters can provide a wide range of
fire protection for their homes and businesses.


     Energy Savings
Shade your windows from the OUTSIDE!

Since Enviro Rolling Shutters shade your windows from the outside, they
keep the intense solar radiation away from your windows and doors, so they
never have to deal with it and the energy stays outside where it belongs.

Most people shade their windows from the inside with blinds, curtains, etc.
However, this only partially shades the house. The sunlight hits the windows
and heats them up, it then enters the room and heats up the shading devices,
the windows and the space between them. These elements act like a heater
and are constantly heating the home when exposed to the sun.

Enviro Rolling Shutters are the ultimate solution to this problem. They stop
the heat energy before it even has a chance to reach your windows! They
are made from a high-quality aluminum with an insulating form core. The
shutters also create an air space between the shutters and the window,
creating an additional energy barrier.  This system produces a strong insulating effect that dramatically improves the "R" value of your windows and doors over 50%.
Exterior Rolling Shutters can reduce the temperature of your window glass by over 45°F!    This additional insulating capacity can significantly reduce your cooling costs, which is particularly important for the hot climate and intense sun that Colorado has to offer.  These rolling shutters are also very effective at keeping your home warm in the Winter months, especially the extreme cold that we experience.  Enviro Rolling Shutters can save you up to 45% on your energy bill and can eventually pay for themselves in energy savings, in addition to the environmental benefits of reduced energy consumption.

     Storm and Wind Protection
Enviro Rolling Shutters provide significant year-round protection from storms,
including severe winds, pounding rain, hail and dangerous flying debris.

Enviro Rolling Shutters will typically prevent the extreme damage that can
occur to a home in a tornado or hurricane. These shutters are built to withstand winds
of 100mph or more and are manufactured and installed to high standards of quality.

The difference between standard Rolling Shutters which have a standard strength of
80mph, and High Wind Rolling Shutters which have a wind strength of 100mph and
up is "End Retention".  These sidelocks offer extra durability of the Rolling Shutters
under massive pressure which is the reason why they are used for Hurricane Shutters. 

Anyone living in the Castle Rock and Colorado Springs areas during the recent hail
storms can attest to the protection offered by Rolling Shutters saving their windows
and ultimately the inside of their homes.

You will probably never need all the powerful protection that Enviro Rolling Shutters offer, but it's nice to know it's there if you need it (and they look a lot better than plywood!).

     Light Control and Privacy

Like to sleep during the day and want your room completely black?   Want to enjoy
movies in your home theater in darkness?   We have the solution for you!

Enviro Rolling Shutters eliminate the annoying glare of bright sunlight and
protect the interior and contents of your home by blocking out damaging UV
(ultraviolet) rays.

Rolling Shutters can be adjusted to any light and ventilation level desired. When
closed, the shutter panels each reveal a row of ventilation holes that allow some light
and air to pass through.  The shutters then can be locked down in the completely
closed position, in which the blinds block over 99.5% of the light, making your room
as entirely black as you desire.  Your home is your sanctuary and a place for privacy
in which you can relax and unwind.  EnviroSecure Rolling Shutters will provide you
with all the privacy you need.

     Noise Control
In addition to privacy and light control, the shutters reduce your stress level by providing the additional benefits of significant noise reduction. The insulating qualities of our rolling shutters can reduce the ambient noise level by up to 10dB or more, especially at higher frequencies.

Enviro Rolling Shutters can typically be expected to reduce the level of exterior noise by half or more! Noises that were a nuisance before will now be barely noticeable.

Rolling Screen and Rolling Shutter Combinations

There are many uses for our products, and they can be combined together for various applications for those occasions when you'd like to keep bugs or the wind/sun out

The profile on the side is that of a rolling shade (or bug screen) and a rolling shutter combined together.  This can be used not only for window and door applications, but for patio enclosures as well.

Enviro Screens and Shutters, Inc. and Enviro Shades Manufacturing, Inc., specialize in security shutters, rolling shutters, rolling shades, and solar screens for residential and commercial Colorado and Nevada customers. We are family owned and operated with over 36 years of Colorado and Nevada quality customer care. We can handle any size residential and commercial job.  For more information and a free estimate, call Enviro Screens and Shutters at 303-794-2072 or 800-221-4613.    
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